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Intuitive Generative AI Platform Built for Developers. Focus on your Product; We handle the AI complexities.

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Prem adheres to rigorous standards in information processing, data retention, and access control.


We proactively protect your data by ensuring secure processing and providing robust mechanisms to exercise your rights under GDPR, giving you peace of mind.


We protect your sensitive medical data through secure processing, adhering to HIPAA compliance for data confidentiality.


Getting started with Prem

Define how AI will be leveraged within your product.

Define how AI will be leveraged within your product.

Integrate PREM in your product with the SDK

Integrate Prem into your product using our SDK.

Unlock the AI power

Elevate your product by unlocking the full power of AI with ease.

Focus on your Product Innovation

Prem Platform

Experiment and Test

Experiment and test

Simultaneously test and benchmark multiple models, comparing performance metrics tailored to your use case.

Launch the best model

Launch the best model

Start with the best model, choosing the perfect parameters for your use case. Seamlessly transition between models in production without needing code edits.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Leverage our JS and Python SDKs for effortless integration into your product. The intuitive UI handles model specification, eliminating complexity.

Monitor Your AI case

Proactive Monitoring

Maintain control over model outputs for your use case, with the ability to refine prompts dynamically for optimal performance.

Connect your documents

Data Integration

Enrich your AI assistant with domain-specific knowledge by seamlessly connecting and integrating multiple data sources with a single click.

Train your own models

Train your Model

Leverage our autonomous fine-tuning and training agents for Continuous Model Refinement, ensuring real-time quality improvements to your AI models.


Elevate your Product with Prem

Quality First

Leverage our autonomous fine-tuning capabilities to unlock any AI challenge for your product or business.

Tailored Customization

Fine-tune and train models to meet your unique needs, ensuring flexibility and optimized performance.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Build your proprietary models, liberating you from reliance on OpenAI or other providers.

Our Differentiator

Complexities like prompt engineering, evaluation, retrieval augmentation, fine-tuning, and deployment can hinder effective AI delivery. Our platform automates these processes, enabling you to harness AI's full potential without deep expertise.


Customer stories

Customers from different industries have decided to use Prem instead of hiring AI experts.

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