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Unlocking AI's effectiveness involves complex tasks like prompt engineering, evaluation, RAG, fine-tuning, and deployment. Prem's platform simplifies these processes, enabling anyone to harness AI's maximum potential effortlessly, even without deep expertise.

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Prem Solution

Data Sovereignty & Ownership: gain independence from OpenAI while transitioning smoothly to diverse, high-quality open-source and proprietary models, retaining full control over your intellectual capital.

Customization: fine-tune and train models according to your needs, providing flexibility and optimized performance.

On-Premise: run AI models on your infrastructure, ensuring no third-party access risk. Retain control over sensitive data assets.


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Prem is helping teams of all sizes, across all industries, from ambitious startups to established enterprises.

"Adding Prem Platform to our workflow has made a huge difference in how we manage compliance. The fine-tuning functionality has been a game-changer, allowing us to tailor AI models to meet the unique needs of the financial sector. With Prem, our adaptive AI GRC software now offers even more precise and efficient regulatory adherence, making compliance easier for our clients."


Nicolas Espinoza

CEO Grand | PhD

"By using Prem to fine-tune our image generation model, we're now producing stunning planet images that truly captivate our users. The platform's fine-tuning functionality made it simple to achieve the exact visual style we envisioned, enhancing the gaming experience. Prem has been instrumental in pushing our creative boundaries."



CEO Zero

"Using Prem's integrations, Sellix developed a fraud detection tool that changed the game for us. It's now over 80% more accurate in spotting fake transactions, stopping scams in their tracks. This tool has been a major win for our security efforts."


Daniele Servadei

CEO Sellix


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